Gianni Tittarelli has been a man who evolved in art hi passion fore jewels. The most important demonstration of it is the 1964's born of the jewellery that you can still find today at Cisterna di Latina.

His mastery experience in jewels creation with merchandising skills, made sure that his business became solider than the other all over the city.

Today, because of constant presence of Franca Tittarelli and her sons Giorgio, Fabio e Francesco, Titarelli jewellery keeps the passion, the courtesy and professionality that year by year made the difference, changing and updating in its image and services to customers, leaving unchanged tradition and good skill.


Franca Tittarelli and her sons Giorgio, Fabio and Francesco are the right combination of art, skills and selling ability.

With a 40-years expeciended, Franca Tittarelli will strongly be for customers a skilled and competent right shopper.

Giorgio Tittarelli, high watches and gemstones expert, will lead customers in fashinating lightly world.

With fantasy and originality Fabio Tittarelli, expert goldsmith, will satisfy every request, realizing customized jewelry and original creations in his efficient workshop.

Last but not least, Francesco Tittarelli will be able to satisfy your chooses of your jewelry selling, all kind watches, accessories or silvers, wedding lists or company's presents, a technical consultancy and a repair service offer from a quality watchsmith laboratory.